Writer’s Guidelines

Hybrid Mom is dedicated to a new generation of moms. We are a resource and community connecting moms on the things that matter most – family, lifestyle & work. We encourage timely topics and fun trends that resonate with moms in areas reflective of today’s society, culture and economic landscape.

The voice for Hybrid Mom is conversational; the one you would use to talk to a girlfriend who shares the experiences, joys and challenges of being a modern mom. We celebrate and commiserate rather than lecture; we love a good sense of humor. Our readers are educated, determined and busy, so it is important to get to the point fast. Entertain them with stories about people like them. Educate them with information they need in the easiest-to-digest format possible.

Whether you are a mom with a traditional career in Corporate America, an entrepreneurial mom with an established business, or a mom who is launching a new business, Hybrid Mom readers have one thing in common: They are professional, skilled, talented women who are truly revolutionizing motherhood.

A good trick is to read the story out loud to a friend before you send it in. If it doesn’t sound natural, try again. Read the stories on our site. Once you understand where Hybrid Mom’s readers are coming from, you will understand how to write for them.

  • 250-800 words
  • An informal, conversational tone: how you’d talk to/write an email to a friend. Personal anecdotes are welcome
  • If you include anecdotes from other women, please include their first names, ages, and location
  • Please include a minimum of two headline options and a deck
  • Please include a short bio with a link to your web site (if applicable)

Thanks for writing for Hybrid Mom!