Top 10 Beauty Resolutions for the New Year

Erika Katz,

Beauty Resolution#10: Take better care of your teeth! Sip coffee and tea with a straw to avoid stains, floss after meals, and brush with whitening toothpaste.

Beauty Resolution#9: Use an earpiece when talking on your cell phone to avoid rashes and red bumps on your chin.

Beauty Resolution #8: Let brows grow in and splurge on professional threading or tweezing to get brows into tip top shape.

Beauty Resolution#7: Moisturize dry cuticles, removed chipped polish, and keep all nails one length.

Beauty Resolution#6: Throw out old crusty mascaras and liquid liners. Mascara only has a shelf life of 3 months, while liquid liner can last up to 6 months.

Beauty Resolution#5: Clean all makeup brushes with baby shampoo or alcohol, and sharpen pencils. Also, clean makeup case to keep everything neat and clean!

Beauty Resolution#4: Get more sleep to reduce puffiness and red eyes. Adults should get anywhere from 7-9 hours of sleep a night.

Beauty Resolution#3: Drink more water! Take half your weight and divide it by ten. Thats how many glasses of water you should drink per day!

Beauty Resolution#2: Remove all makeup and mascara before bed each night. Sleeping with your makeup on can dry out your skin, clog your pores (which leads to break outs) and can lead to premature aging.

Beauty Resolution#1: Moisturize your whole body after showers and baths with baby oil or cream. By moisturizing after a shower, your skin traps more surface moisture than if you were to apply it to totally dry skin.

Beauty guru and parenting expert Erika Katz (, is a mother of two and the author of Bonding over Beauty, A Mother-Daughter Beauty Guide to Foster Self-Esteem, Confidence and Trust.