About Us

Hybrid Her is a multi-platform brand with a vibrant community of independent thinkers. It’s a place where women can find opportunities that help them create the life they want by providing support, networking and revenue alternatives.

Conceived in 2006, the formally named Hybrid Mom began as both a magazine and an online presence. In 2010, in order to reach a wider audience, as well as build a more substantial and supportive community, we moved to a solely digital format. And that digital presence continues to grow.

In November 2011, the company decided it was time to broaden their mission even further. The name change to Hybrid Her, tells our existing customers, and future customers, that the content and services we offer are in support of and inclusive to all women—not just moms. Because we know that when women help women, big things happen.

Today, the Hybrid Her Brand consists of:


At hybridher.com you will find daily content that provides useful information, best practices, resources, and inspiration from the women that enrich our work, personal and social lives. We also offer:
o blogs and interactive forums written and hosted by experts
o a weekly newsletter highlighting inspiring articles, not-to-miss-tips and special opportunities
o a robust community connecting women with one another

The Hybrid Her Bazaar
The Bazaar is a place to buy, sell, share and discover. Chock full of unique and amazing products organized in a way that makes shopping easy, the Bazaar is an e-commerce marketplace to support women entrepreneurs.

The Hybrid Her Circle
In the Circle, we focus on forging the relationships between talent and opportunity. Businesses may post available positions and opportunities. Women use the Circle as a lead generation tool and to market their skills.